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1. Business Profile And Products/ Services

• Write the about section in a third-person view - do not use words such as I and we. Write the about section in a non-biased manner - do not discriminate in any way.
• Write the profile in good English.
• Be as descriptive as you can, without being biased/ selling the business.
• Please write a minimum of 100 words for the about section.
• The products and services are to be the name of the product/service only - bullet point style. Add up to ten.

2. Business Details

• Please ensure that the business' details are taken from a reliable source - preferably the businesses website.
• For the business website, only use the full domain and no more - e.g. for, use not
• Where asked to fill in business name - this is the business' name (trading name) not the company's name, if different.
• If the companies registered address is different from that of it's usual place of business, use the latter.

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• Please use the businesses Logo, not the company's logo - the Logos maybe different if the business is a trading name of the company.
• The image needs to be 240px by 240px or larger with the same aspect ratio (1).
• The image must be in jpeg/jpg or png format.
• The image must not be water-marked.

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• The latitude and longtitude must be given. Please use Google Maps (tm) to find these values.

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